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Does Tiered Link Building Still Work – The High-Risk, High-Reward Approach

Backlink Footprints - IP Addresses

In the world of SEO, innovative strategies are constantly being tested to outmaneuver the competition and achieve rapid ranking improvements. Occasionally, instead of “innovative”, you get some of your old black hat friends rearing their heads making you wonder – does this really work? Does tiered link building still work? Recently, I conducted an in-depth […]

2.0 second LCP – How to Improve WordPress Speed

They say “the children of the shoemaker go barefoot”. This old saying is very true for a lot of digital marketing agencies and the way they maintain their own web presence. If you don’t have a dedicated guy (or guys) looking after your website to improve WordPress speed, you’re probably spending all your time and […]

UK Tech Ecommerce Landscape: A Digital Marketing Deep Dive

SEO Competitor Research UK Top 50

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, understanding your competitive landscape is paramount. Recently, a study took a magnifying glass to the top 50 tech ecommerce sellers in the UK, utilising a proprietary weighted scoring system. The goal? To unravel the intricacies of their digital marketing strategies and shed light on who emerged as the […]

Have a sticky toffee pudding and plan your Google Core Update recovery

Outstanding in your field

If you’re getting flustered by those pesky Google updates, don’t worry! You are not alone. And fear not, there is hope for a Google Core Update recovery. Today we’re going to share a success story of one such recovery. Promise! No fluff. We’re even going to tell you what they did to recover. And to […]

Google January 2020 Core Update & What We Learned from it

January 2020 Core Update Takeaway

Google carried out its most recent Core Update around January 17th. Now, slightly more than a month after the January 2020 Core Update, with most dust settled, we’re looking at the learnings from the reshuffle. A Google Core Update is a major change to Google’s search algorithm. In other words, it’s a reassessment on how […]

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