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Have a sticky toffee pudding and plan your Google Core Update recovery

If you’re getting flustered by those pesky Google updates, don’t worry! You are not alone. And fear not, there is hope for a Google Core Update recovery. Today we’re going to share a success story of one such recovery. Promise! No fluff. We’re even going to tell you what they did to recover. And to […]

January 2020 Core Update Takeaway

Google January 2020 Core Update & What We Learned from it

Google carried out its most recent Core Update around January 17th. Now, slightly more than a month after the January 2020 Core Update, with most dust settled, we’re looking at the learnings from the reshuffle. A Google Core Update is a major change to Google’s search algorithm. In other words, it’s a reassessment on how […]

Be Popular on Television

10 Offbeat Lead Generation Ideas

The problem with modern marketing techniques is that as soon as a new technique proves to be effective, it quickly gets overused and run in to the ground.

SEO Strategy

David vs Goliath 2 – Expert Roundup on SEO Strategy

This is the long-long-overdue follow-up to the piece I wrote what seems aeons ago. It was 18 months ago, to be more precise. The original post was a sort of an SEO pep-talk presenting a couple of case studies showing how one-man bands or small businesses take on big corporate sharks and outrank them with […]

B2B Marketing and Cold Calling

How to Tackle Gatekeepers and Make $1.3 Billion in Sales

When it comes to B2B marketing case studies, it rarely gets bigger than XEROX’s Chief Optimist stunt that generated 20,000 leads for them and made $1.3 billion in sales. The reason why you don’t hear about it much now is that $1.3 B is peanuts in comparison with their mammoth yearly $50+ billion revenues and […]

How to Scrape Archive

How to Scrape Archive.org Like a Pro

This is an article on advanced technical SEO and since you’re here, I assume you know why one would want to scrape Archive.org so I won’t go into details on that. Let’s just get down to the business and look at some interesting SEO tools.