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Growing organic traffic is not rocket science, however there are a lot of moving parts in order to get it right.

Find out how

SEO packages, add-ons, upsells? Nah, at White Cat SEO we don’t do this.

Our organic growth retainer service is super simple. We will work out how much you need and what you need based on two simple things:

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What ROI can I get out of my SEO activity?

The only way SEO makes sense is when it helps you increase revenue, right? Yet many agencies will bolt on activities that have very little chance of moving the dial.

Our SEO ROI calculator help reverse-engineer your growth plan. We use your target revenue as the starting point and work backwards to prove that it’s possible to deliver the organic traffic to back it up.

Typical ROI for building organic traffic is 4:1, meaning for every £1 you spend on SEO, you should see £4 back in revenue. Both lower and higher figures are possible – in fact, ROI depends on your competition and on the size of the “keyword pool”.

Understanding our content hub philosophy

Content hub is a concept we use to drive SEO success by building topical authority for your brand. It all comes down to authority. We need to find a way to show Google that you are an authority on your topic.

If you have Site A and Site B both competing for getting ranked for “red widgets” and Site A only has one landing page describing their red widgets while Site B has a buyers guide, a series of blog posts and a video explaining why their red widgets are awesome. Which site will be considered a higher authority? Well, you see – who said SEO was complicated?

Let’s talk Return on Investment and content hubs

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