Google Core Update Recovery & SEO Troubleshooting

Have you recently lost traffic or organic revenue?

Wondering what’s going on?

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Our SEO troubleshooting services are designed with your convenience in mind. This is a one-off project that doesn’t tie you into contracts.

Think about it as a sort of a Mr Wolf of the SEO world – we come in, assess the damage and sort out the mess.

We will seamlessly slot into your existing marketing team for the duration of the work with no hidden fees and no cheeky contracts.

This one-off SEO service is useful for Google Core Update recoveries, badly executed site migrations, technical SEO challenges caused by a legacy system, indexation/crawlability problems, implementing a new process or executing a scale-up. Typical engagement period is 1 to 2 months depending on the task.

How can we help you sort out your SEO mess?

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Google Core Update checklist:

Download the checklist to figure out if your website has been affected by a recent core update.

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What does Google Core Update recovery services involve?

Google Core Update is a search algorithm tweak that Google rolls out several times per year. This is part of Google’s ongoing quest for quality. Each update shuffles the search results around and it’s usually the SMEs that take the biggest hit in terms of organic traffic.

On average SME websites lose over 20% of their organic traffic due to Core Updates. Many owners, unfortunately, don’t even realise what had hit them.

Our Google Core Update recovery services are designed to help SMEs recover part (or all, if you’re lucky, eh?) of the pre-update traffic and most importantly safeguard them from future updates.

Is there a Google Core Update recovery case study to look at?

If you want to learn more about the beast that is the Google Core Update, you can read our blog that shares findings from a large scale Google Core Update recovery or you can check a recent case study here.

If you’re a bit of an SEO DIYer, you might find this resource useful – it’s a calendar of all the previous updates so you can check against dates on your Analytics reports – has the organic traffic loss coincided with any of the known updates?

What other SEO troubleshooting services do you offer?

Technical SEO is a bit of a minefield but don’t worry, we have decades of technical SEO experience, which makes us unique on the background of regular marketing agencies. We can help with:

  • Indexability/crawlability issues – helping Googlebot save its crawl budget ensuring it doesn’t waste time crawling pages that have no real value.
  • Technical SEO audits – there is not much point pouring money into marketing strategies if your website has SEO issues (slow page load, bad site architecture, duplicate content).
  • Site migrations and replatforming – we can show you how to migrate or replatform in a way to preserve your organic traffic.

How can we help you sort out your SEO mess?

The initial no-obligation brainstorming session is on us. Please enter your number to begin:

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