SEO Strategy

David vs Goliath 2 – Expert Roundup on SEO Strategy

This is the long-long-overdue follow-up to the piece I wrote what seems aeons ago. It was 18 months ago, to be more precise. The original post was a sort of an SEO pep-talk presenting a couple of case studies showing how one-man bands or small businesses take on big corporate sharks and outrank them with […]

Be Popular on Television

10 Offbeat Lead Generation Ideas

The problem with modern marketing techniques is that as soon as a new technique proves to be effective, it quickly gets overused and run in to the ground.

B2B Marketing and Cold Calling

How to Tackle Gatekeepers and Make $1.3 Billion in Sales

When it comes to B2B marketing case studies, it rarely gets bigger than XEROX’s Chief Optimist stunt that generated 20,000 leads for them and made $1.3 billion in sales. The reason why you don’t hear about it much now is that $1.3 B is peanuts in comparison with their mammoth yearly $50+ billion revenues and […]

How to Scrape Archive

How to Scrape Like a Pro

This is an article on advanced technical SEO and since you’re here, I assume you know why one would want to scrape so I won’t go into details on that. Let’s just get down to the business and look at some interesting SEO tools.